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This makes me so angry I cannot see straight. [May. 1st, 2012|04:19 pm]
wtf? that's sexist!


A pastor in NC, where I live, is advocating and inciting parental violence against LGBT children, or even children who stray from heteronormative gender roles.

Can anything be done about this kind of crap? This is local to me, but I'm not sure what can be done to protest something being said in the confines of a church.

Ugh. Makes me sick to my stomach.

[User Picture]From: iron_valkyrie
2012-10-07 04:49 am (UTC)
This makes me so sad and angry, I can't even. :|; It's also.. regionally local to me, anyway. (I'm so north in FL I might as well be in GA.) It scares me and disgusts me. I literally cannot comprehend how anyone even thinks this way.
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