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Sexist webcomic - wtf? that's sexist! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
wtf? that's sexist!

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Sexist webcomic [Jan. 14th, 2013|08:52 am]
wtf? that's sexist!


Am I justified in being rubbed the wrong way by this comic series? What's really upsetting to me is that the artist is a former Disney animator. :/

More here:


[User Picture]From: brendala
2013-02-08 04:12 am (UTC)
This just goes to show that being a great artist does not also make someone a good writer.

What's more offensive than the sexism is the fact that these jokes would have been tired in the 1970s; so they're pretty much ancient today. Blondie&Dagwood did all these gags decades ago (and they pulled it off MUCH better)

Also, while I have no problem with a man writing a comic about the trials of being the only penis in the family, it bothers me that none of the comics have any heart to them. Good dads tend to be very sweet on their daughters (especially when they're very young). And it's a bit weird and disturbing that this cutesy, Disney-style comic is all bitterness and no heart. It makes it very hard to like and/or relate to the main character.

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